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All Stitched Up

I have something to tell you. I have been cheating on knitting. BIG TIME! I've barely even kept up with all my knitting podcasts. Did I hear you gasp? I know. What have I been doing? I've been sucked into the world of Cross Stitching (again). It's funny how I cycle through different crafts and after a while they start to repeat. There was a brief idea to start needle punch rug hooking while I was away on vacation. But I'm not really at the financial place to be investing in new tools and stash at the moment. So yes, CROSS STITCH. AGAIN!How exactly did I get sucked back in cross stitch? One. Word. Flosstube.Weeeeeeell. It's been something I pick up from time to time, but haven't really blogged about other than my initial personalisedfloppydisks, mixtape, and first, slightly wonky cross stitch sampler.Though, I've been quite terrible about blogging anything in the past number of years. Trying to be better at that.Turns out I have quite a bit of cross stitc…

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